CRM Role Configurator

This tool allows the CRM roles to be configured via excel. The privileges for each of the roles can be configured in excel and then uploaded to CRM. This tool also allows to export the existing CRM roles to excel to enable a meaningful conversation between business users and IT folks.

CRM Roles Extender

The CRM roles are configured to control permissions on CRM records, but often in integration scenarios, the need is felt to extend the CRM roles beyond CRM records. If CRM is used to display data from legacy applications in an IFRAME on the CRM record, there is no way to control the access to that data. This tool helps extend (via configuration) the CRM security roles to control access to non-CRM data.


The Survey tool allows you to build a set of questions and then select the target audience. The target audience can be internal employees or customers. The Survey can be triggered either manually or based on an event (for e.g. completion of a campaign). The Survey responses are captured for reporting and analysis.