Infrastructure Services

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Infrastructure Services

Affluent’s public and hybrid cloud platforms have been shaped with market leading performance and were designed with data privacy/sovereignty at their core.

Either you host your data in our own highly-flexible, multichannel IaaS platform or within hyper scale services such as Microsoft Azure, we ensure to deliver a fully optimised and managed cloud infrastructure services.

Infrastructure Services Company in India

Our Key components of Infrastructure Services

Cloud Strategy

  • Our experts will walk you through the importance of cloud technology and how best it can be used to optimise your data and extract full value from it, without compromising on data privacy.

Azure IaaS

  • The reliability, flexibility and the scale of an enterprise ready cloud, transparency and proactive management of our expert team.

Azure PaaS

  • An enterprise level readymade cloud platform, without the burden of maintaining infrastructure and operating systems

Azure Stack

  • Leverage the fast paced innovation of public azure services and agility in local, jurisdiction specific datacentres.

Cloud Security

  • Multiple security technologies and processes that offer full protection to your data throughout its entire journey.

Assurance Services and Performance

  • Our tools and services will give you an assurance that your infrastructure, applications and data are fully optimized, operational and delivering the right value you require.

Desktop as a Service

  • Offer your users with secure and full access to their applications, data and the company network anywhere at any time.