Mobile App Development

Simplify your Business Operations with Customized Mobile Applications

Mobile App Development

The evolved technology has mobilized communications and redefined the concept of computing-on-the-go.

Smartphones as its termed are more smart, capable, smaller and practically useful devices that are a part of personal and professional operations. The extent has reached to a point of replicating and replacing the experience of desktop computing and handle most of the general-purpose computing operations and handling tasks.

Handy as they seem, smart devices are everywhere and playing an important role in the professional lives of everyone.

Mobile Applications, or trendily known as apps, are created by a team of mobile application front end developer, back end developer, UI/UX specialist and others. Affluent Global is one such mobile development service provider engaged in designing, developing and deploying all sorts & sizes of apps. Our company creates apps for all the mainstream mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Mobile App Development Company in India

Our App Development Model

Apart from the choice of platform, one also needs to take ‘app model’ into consideration for development of a mobile app. There are following development models for a mobile app.

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Mobile operating system from Apple that supports iPhone and iPad. It offers consistent experience across apps and devices. iOS is very simple and reliable and it is known for its flawless touch experience.

IOS Mobile App Developers


Linux based mobile operating system that supports almost 80 percent of mobile devices available in market today. It is one of the most flexible, customizable operating systems that offers rich set of features.

Android App Developers in India


Mobile operating system from Microsoft that supports Windows based mobile devices. It is a simple, stable and secure and is known for its smooth experience.

Native Mobile Application

Native apps are specifically developed for one platform and can easily utilize the built-in capabilities of a mobile device such as Camera, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Memory Card... Etc.

It can also access a device’s default app such as Contacts, Photo Gallery, File Manager… Etc. It uses native device UI to provide high performance and seamless user experience. In short, a native app is same as other default apps provided by the platform.

Native App development for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Cross-platform Mobile Application

"At Affluent, we design apps that power the Cross Platform OS (Android, iOS, Windows), devices (Mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops) and Internet of Things (IoT)."

Cross-platform mobile application is an app with single code-base that can be used to run on multiple mobile platforms. There are various mobile frameworks such as Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap…Etc. that can be used to develop cross-platform apps.

It enables faster, cost-effective development with easy code maintainability. Cross-platform mobile development offers code once deploy to multiple platforms capability to organizations.

Platform Mobile Development


Ionic is a cross-platform mobile development framework which is used to develop hybrid apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. Code is written using Typescript and requires Cordova to run on native platforms.

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Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform mobile development framework which is provided by Microsoft. It supports development of native apps for iOS, android and windows platforms. It is based on .NET technology stack and integrates well with Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE). One can develop native apps for multiple platforms using the same programming language (C#), APIs and IDE.



Affluent has worked on enterprise Cross Platform applications based on PhoneGap with high degree of success. We have a team of experienced professional mobile apps developers who has complete understanding of the PhoneGap development environment.

Hybrid Mobile Application(Web + Native)

Hybrid app is mainly web app embedded inside a native app. This enables faster cross-platform development as the same HTML5 code can be utilized in different platforms. Hybrid apps are built using mainly HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Affluent offers Hybrid App development for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

We have excellent capabilities in Architecture Consulting, Development, Migration, Integration, Reporting, Analytics, Administration, Integrated Marketing, E-commerce, UI Personalization, Load Testing, Support & maintenance, Application Dashboards, Training, Security Audit and Performance Optimization for Xamarin.

Affluent Global has set up Xamarin Center of Excellence (CoE) that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training on Xamarin.