Test as a Service

Delivering wide range of independent software testing Services

Test as a Service

Affluent offers software testing services to help companies reduce delivery costs and drive improvements in end-user experiences and adoption. Our team encompasses of test Professionals with rich experience in Application Domains, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Testing. With proven process oriented approach to testing, we are well equipped to handle any kind of Software Testing Assignments.

Our agile and continuous testing services work flawlessly with any of your software engineering or IT application teams and provide r end-to-end software quality testing planning, design and execution.

We have expertise in various hardware/software platforms, variety of problem domains and with different test tools. With our experience in serving clients across multiple domains on various needs, we can help design best-fit IT solutions and take complete end-to-end implementation responsibility.

Testing as a Service Provider in India

Our testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software services

Affluent offers end-to-end testing services on multiple technologies, domains, and industry verticals to ensure delivery of defect-free, reliable, and high quality software solutions.

Core Testing & Consulting Services

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Responsive testing on multiple devices

Test Life Cycle

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Estimation
  • Test Case Design & Test Suite Preparation
  • Test Execution
  • Software Evaluation and Acceptance Testing
  • Test Metrics Generation & Reporting
  • Test Deliverables

Specialized Testing Services

  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing