Backup & Storage

Reliable and highly scalable cloud storage recovery

Backup & Storage

By leveraging our cloud storage and backup services, you don’t have to worry about losing even a bit of your data.

Your digital data is completely secure with our back-ups, along with the protection against accidental file deletion, corruption, hardware failure and sturdy protection. Our cloud storage also allows you to obtain block level storage volumes balancing with sufficient capacity for data redundancy and unexpected growth.

We can help you in connecting an on-premises software appliance with cloud storage to provide secure and seamless integration between your organization's on-premises IT environment and our storage infrastructure. Doing this makes it easy for your on-premises applications to store data in our backup and storage infrastructure.

Our solutions extremely minimises your capital investment for maintenance and flexibility challenges associated with managing primary, backup and archive storage environments.

Important Features Of Backup & Storage

  • Complete administrator control
  • Monitor backups centrally on the web
  • Pay only for what you use with no long term commitment
  • Online backup for network storage devices