Big Data Analytics

Uncover meaningful and actionable insights from vast amounts of data

Big Data Analytics

Affluent offers Big Data analytics solution implementation services to help companies bring together and integrate large volumes of data from various sources, converting raw data into valuable information for accurate and faster analytics, decision-making. Our big data solutions are catered to handle the complex data challenges associated with the rapid increase of data across multiple devices, platforms and domains in a complex mixed environment.

Our Big data professionals who possess expertise in data capturing, data storing, data processing, provisioning, performance tuning and maintenance in various Big data technologies.

Through our data analytics solutions, we help businesses drive customer, operational, industry-specific and IoT outcomes through predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic and cognitive analytics.

Big Data Analytics Provider in India

Big Data Services Offerings

Assessment & Planning

  • Assess desired business outcomes, requirement for big data technology, create a roadmap, selection of suitable technology, tools, and complete proof of concepts.

Big Data Development

  • Data modelling, designing data structures, Data integration, Searching, indexing, Meta data management, Data Provisioning and Automation, Data monitoring and optimization.

Big Data Analytics

  • Designing and implementing Analytic routines, creating dashboards, reports, implementing data archival and restoration strategies.

Big Data Maintenance and support

  • Security, maintenance, backup, recovery, Policy management, big data administration and support services.

Our Expertise

We help companies implement functional and successful Big Data Analytics solutions utilizing the full benefits of modern Big Data platforms.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Cognitive Analytics

This helps organizations take informed decisions and generate complex forecasting reports for effective implementation of marketing and ROI strategies. Our services are based on proven business models wherein customers can engage our expert big data developers to handle their mission critical projects from doing proof of concept to installation, optimization, development, deployment, maintenance and support.