Platform As A Services (PAAS)

Recreating infrastructure in cloud

Platform As A Services(PaaS)

PaaS - a cloud service on which your business applications can be hosted on a system and hardware platform along with complete set of surrounding managed services.

Developers have typically leveraged on-site infrastructure components (servers, storage, networking) to design and deploy applications. PaaS recreates this infrastructure in the cloud, enabling developers to engineer both simple and highly complex applications on a pay-as-you-go basis. PaaS providers also offer various resources like development tools, libraries and database management systems, so developers using PaaS don’t have to think about infrastructure logistics at all.


Scope of PaaS solutions

It is critical to deal with a reliable and competent platform provider. As part of PaaS delivery model Affluent offers users with a full system and hardware platform to support customer applications that includes:

  • All necessary third-party licenses
  • Management of the layer and network security systems
  • Administration and management of operating systems and databases
  • 24/7 monitoring services

Below are some of the features that can be included with a PaaS offering

  • All necessary third-party licenses
  • Server-side scripting environment
  • Database management system
  • Server Software
  • Support
  • Storage
  • Network access
  • Tools for design and development
  • Hosting

Why PaaS?

New Development Capabilities Without New Staff

  • PaaS delivers varied emerging capabilities that you’d traditionally acquire by hiring additional staff.

Easily Develop Apps for Mobile and Other Platforms

  • The best PaaS solutions provide app development options for every applicable platform, including mobile.

Integrated Environment for the App Lifecycle

  • PaaS provides you with one integrated environment for the entire app lifecycle, including building, testing, deploying and management.

Support for Remote Development Teams

  • PaaS enables your app development teams to collaborate with their colleagues across the globe.

No Investment in physical infrastructure

  • You don’t need to purchase hardware or employ the expertise to manage it. This leaves you free to focus on the development of applications.


  • Customers can have control over the tools that are installed within their platforms and can create a platform that suits their specific requirements.


  • Features can be changed if circumstances dictate that they should.

Teams in various locations can work together

  • As an internet connection and web browser are all that is required, developers spread across several locations can work together on the same application build.

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