CLOUD Managed Services

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Cloud Managed Services

Modern day companies are aware of the positive impact on digital transformation solutions and private cloud migrations.

However, administering and managing these cloud operations requires investments in infrastructure, technical expertise, software and staff which only few large companies can afford.

To manage the expenditure, the most practical option, is to employ a reliable Managed IT Services Provider in India to manage cloud platforms, applications, and tools.

Affluent is reputed as a client-focused dedicated firm offering Cloud managed services, to offer cloud and other managed services to all the enterprises in the market.

We work hand in hand with your IT team/business groups to manage all your cloud activities, including maintenance, software/ hardware technology upgrades, processing bugs, disaster recovery.


Cloud Managed Services in India

Our Cloud Management Platform

Our cloud management platform is the comprehensive SaaS platform for lifecycle management of IT operations. lifecycle management of IT operations is the set of capabilities that is required to operate your IT environment from “A to Z” ensuring your business has highly available infrastructure, applications and has maximum value from its technology investment. Cloud managed services offerings

Affluent’s Cloud Managed Services include

  • Mobile application support
  • Automated business processes
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Centralized network solutions and applications
  • 24/7 security and remote services

Affluent’s Cloud Managed Services elements

Approach and Design

  • With a detailed design and infrastructure, you need for your applications, our experts help you develop your desired cloud strategy

Shape and Deploy

  • Based on the design created, we build your cloud infrastructure and migrate the data and applications, our experts monitor the response of all the events post migration and resolve any detected issues.

Post Migration Assistance

  • Post the successful migration, we will work with you to constantly improve performance and equip you with our training methodology to, acquire new skills and enhance overall performance.