CLOUD Migration

Leverage the ease of cloud migration from any stage

Cloud Migration Services

Afluent’s cloud migration services are intended to help clients migrate from their existing infrastructure to the cloud platform in an organized way. Our proven structured methodologies and tools help clients facilitate a rapid migration to the cloud environment with less transition risks.

We advise clients on the best cloud migration strategy that suits and fits and their business. Affluent in one of the best cloud migration service provider in India

Our successful track record includes creating optimized cloud migrating solutions for organizations globally. In today’s market, Cloud computing plays a key role in any businesses, as it allows a company to focus on what they do best without the hassle of hardware and software.

Affluent can be your TRUSTED partner for your cloud migrations.

Cloud Migration Service Provider in India

Our Key components of Cloud Migration Services


  • We focus on creating an inventory of existing applications, identify the key stakeholders/users and the usage of applications, understand the application profile, age & business criticality.


  • We depend on our migration framework to regulate path and destination for each application. Focused primary considerations:

Cloud Deployment Service

  • IAAS
  • PAAS
  • Private/Public/Hybrid cloud
  • Target cloud vendor platform

Migration Plan

  • Prioritize Migration effort
  • Estimate effort
  • Update business case
  • Engage in Pilots to validate model
  • Build future state model

Migration & Testing Phase

  • Remediate or re-platform applications
  • Document code changes and configurations
  • Migrate databases, interfaces and dependent applications
  • Performance & scalability testing in preproduction environment
  • Validate & accept

Deploy in Production

  • Application Performance Management
  • Transition to support
  • Post migration reviews